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Photo quality for 12×9 is Good
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Unique Decor gift item that will last forever, Instant Preview

Home Décor Gift: Perfect for Home Decor cutout as it’s a Beautiful Gift.

Why OMGs Acrylic Photo ?

  • Fastest processing from Jaipur / Bengaluru Facility
  • Unidirectional pixel perfect direct printing on Acrylic
  • Super HD print output 1200*2400 DPI
  • Acrylic Chemical treatment before printing
  • Never peel off, Even Moisture Environment
  • Unidirectional mode means we give 2x time each picture
  • Same Day Processing of orders
  • Advanced use of Artificial Intelligence

The perfect home decor gift with a beautiful gloss finish.
Every picture has a story to tell, We Bring your story to life by printing it on a super glossy premium Acrylic Picture, preserving it as a colorful memory.

Personalise your space with best moments

Acrylic picture is tough to break and weather proof.

Weather proof & Non-Breakable Acrylic picture made using Waterproof UV printing on high quality imported acrylic sheet

Decorate your home with our custom acrylic prints. Personalize your space with the best moments.

Waterproof UV printing: Imported high quality Acrylic sheet

Comes with transparent double-sided tape

Quick Mounting: with provided industrial level two-sided tapes, no nail or hammer required.

Industrial level transparent double-sided tape on the back for quick mounting, no nail or hammer required.

Buy your acrylic photo online with us in different sizes. The available size option for you to choose from to customize your acrylic photo prints in inches are:

8×6 or 6×8
12×9 or 9×12
11×11 Square
18×12 or 12×18
21×15 or 15×21
35×23 or 23×35

We use Auto orientation for best acrylic print quality.

We apply auto-detection of the image to optimise each order according to image dimensions (vertical or horizontal). You can also choose the thickness of your acrylic picture from the two available options of 3 mm and 8 mm.

The acrylic photo of size 23×35 inches is the largest available size which only comes in 8 mm as the acrylic may not support thinner alternatives for such huge prints.

Image requirement

Kindly provide high resolution, non-blurry pictures for printing. We cannot fix quality/blur and other such issues at our end. Refund will not be eligible due to poor quality or blurred pictures provided from customer end.

A high-quality image is required from your end to print the acrylic wall photo in high-definition. Make sure the photos you upload have a high resolution, are crystal clear and the contents are visible. As we cannot fix blurred or poor-quality pictures, your order will not be eligible for returns or refunds in case you provide low-quality images or screenshots.

Ideal gift for anniversary, birthday, festivals, valentine’s day and all other lovely occasions.

Note: This product isn’t eligible for Cash on Delivery and this is CMYK print, expect little difference as digital screen uses RBG to produce colors with brightness. 

How to order Your Customised Acrylic Picture?

Step 1: Select your Acrylic frame size from available options and Acrylic thickness from 3mm or 8mm size.

Step 2: Upload your best quality picture, which is bright, clear and is your favorite among all.

Step 3: Adjust the picture inside the frame by simply dragging it.

Step 4: Pay for the Acrylic photo frame and wait for the magic to be delivered at your doorstep.

Please, don’t use screenshots or social media shared photos.

Why buy Acrylic Print from us?

Simply because,

    1. We source high quality imported Acrylic sheets which are premium to the core.
    2. We use UV printing technology which prints accurate colors on the Acrylic sheet.
    3. Our Acrylic photo prints are shinny and non-breakable.
    4. We have been delivering customised gifts since 2016 and our brands are rated excellent on multiple platforms.

Every picture has a story to tell. Make the story even better by getting it printed on shiny Acrylic frame, converting it to a livable and colorful memory.

Additional information

Size (Inches)

12×9, 11×11, 16×12, 16×16, 18×12, 21×15, 35×23, 48×36

Thickness (mm)

3mm, 5mm, 8mm (Premium)


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